#3. Kerry Gibson‎

This picture is all about juxtaposition—childish play meets warrior. The bending of those legs with the knees locked together makes her look so vulnerable and the camouflaged uniform so powerful. I’ve now spent about 10 minutes staring at this picture. I keep looking for something to change but there just isn’t anything. It’s so simple and so complex. I love the fact that we can’t see her eyes but she’s smiling. Imagine how different this photograph would be if there weren’t snow as a background. Imagine grass and leaves and how she would simply blend in. This is one of those photographs that I am always envious of because you could never really assign this photograph to someone. I mean seriously, who would ever say “go take a picture of a soldier on a swing in the snow”? It just wouldn’t happen. You just have to be there and get it while you can. Kerry, you have hit the ball out of the park here. Wonderful. Applause.

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  1. Susan Marsh

    A solider , trained to fight and defend our country but still a kid at heart.
    I like the combination of warrior and the soft side of a young person, if that makes sense.


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