Interactive Photography Course

Are you ready to learn—and finally understand—how to use your camera in manual mode? Mastering your DSLR has never been easier! In just 8 lessons, you’ll learn all you need know to turn your camera dial confidently to M and shoot the professional looking photographs that you’ve dreamed of. You’ll master the big 3 camera settings—F-stops, ISO and Shutter Speed to take your photos to the next level. Nick presents the concepts in small digestible bites, making it easy and fun!

Going Manual is a series of online videos and resources to help anyone interested in turning off the Auto setting on their DSLR camera. Each Monday a new topic is posted in the form of a video with written components, a discussion board, assignments and a gallery to upload your assignment photos. Your classmates and Nick will post comments and provide valuable feedback and review of your assignment photos. You’ll also receive a quiz to test your grasp of the topics with a video review, including the answers, from Nick.

Don’t worry about “making class”; each video and all of the resources are designed to be self-paced within the framework of the 8 week syllabus. Ideally, most participants will want to work on the material during the week it’s posted, as that will provide the most beneficial interaction with Nick and classmates. However, if your schedule doesn’t allow that, you can always catch up at your own pace and you will have full access to the videos and resources for a lifetime.

And—please don’t tell anyone!—Nick loves to get on the phone with those of you that feel like you’re floundering during the course. He has actually saved a few photographic lives by talking students in from the edge of the photographic cliff.

Lessons include: Introduction to Going Manual, F-stops, Shutter Speeds, and ISO, How a light meter thinks, Introduction to depth of field, Depth of field & focal length, Focal length and the shakes, Color balance, Shooting raw, Histograms

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